Five Alarm

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For some reason, The red circles are almost like alarm bells in a fire station, but believe me, my feelings about this painting are really far from there. I was early into this painting when its name, Temple Circles came to mind, because rather than the jolt of an alarm, I was really thinking of the serenity of a pagoda. I love the wispy feel of the eaves of pagodas, those beautiful downward sloping rooflines that just at the last moment, turn so graciously toward Heaven in such an organic movement as the branches of an evergreen would. I've never traveled to Asia, but I know I would love the landscape. I often think of that type of scenery when I'm painting. Not sure what that is telling me, but the imagery seems to define peace, and I like peace. I am drawn to it. But, alas, I went with Five Alarm. hehe.

  • Size: 18x24"
  • Media: Acrylic on canvas

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